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September 5, 2019

AgilOne Adds Cohort Analysis

AgilOne Adds Cohort Analysis


You may have noticed we’re covering more CDP vendor news, Dear Reader. If you didn’t notice, I’ve just helpfully pointed it out. Today’s item is a new cohort analysis feature from AgilOne. They also released an enhanced segment builder.

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CMOs See Privacy Regulation as Opportunity to Build Trust

Dentsu Aegis Network

Pulling back to the big picture, Dentsu Aegis has released an insightful but hard-to-summarize survey of CMOs. The main CDP-related takeaway is CMOs have plenty of data but struggle to get value from it. On the bright side, 65% see data privacy legislation as an opportunity to build customer trust.

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Airside Mobile Launches Privacy-Safe Biometric ID

PR Web

Here’s something rare: upbeat privacy news. Digital identity vendor Airside Mobile is using biometric identity without storing biometric data in a database, where it’s liable to be hacked. Basically, users copy their passport photo onto their mobile device and then let facial recognition readers at airports match the photo with the person in front of them. It’s a good example of tech designed to minimize privacy risks. Biometrics are especially sensitive because, as someone said after a massive police biometric database was hacked in the UK, you can change your password but not your face.

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