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September 23, 2019

Facebook Suspended “Tens of Thousands” of Apps in Privacy Review

Facebook Suspended “Tens of Thousands” of Apps in Privacy Review


What the heck, let’s just go full tin-foil-hat today. We’ll start with news that Facebook has suspended “tens of thousands” of apps during its on-going privacy review, although the company rushes to reassure everyone that only (?) 400 developers were involved and not all suspensions reflected actual privacy violations. The New York Times cites a Massachusetts court case for the figure of 69,000 actual suspensions. Facebook doesn’t claim these numbers are complete.

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Canopy Offers Privacy-Preserving News Reader


On the bright side, a developer named Canopy has released a privacy-safe news reader named Tonic. The system offers a personalized experience without letting interaction and behavioral data leave the user’s devices. The trick is “differential privacy”, which means sharing interest profiles that apply to groups rather than specific individuals. Whatever the merits of Canopy’s approach, the story here is that companies are trying to solve the problem.

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Nielsen Partners with OpenSlate to Measure Brand Safety


It’s not exactly privacy but our third item is a strategic alliance on brand safety between Nielsen and OpenSlate. OpenSlate scores more than 600 million ad-supported videos for content, quality and brand suitability. It’s another example of Internet safety issues becoming mainstream concerns that attract mainstream solutions.

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