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September 30, 2019

Fivetran Raises $44 Million for Automated Data Integration

Fivetran Raises $44 Million for Automated Data Integration

Business Wire

It’s Eat Your Spinach Day here at CDP Institute, when we publish important news you probably won’t read. We’ll start with a $44 million Series B for Fivetran, which offers automated data integration technology that can build custom connectors in minutes. This is generic technology that could compete with Customer Data Platforms.

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Most CISOs Believe Data Breaches Are Good for Their Careers


Next, a reminder that cybersecurity remains a problem. Optiv found that 58% of chief information security officers believe that experience handling a data breach makes them more attractive to potential employers. That may help to explain why the same survey finds that companies often fail to implement basic security practices.

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New Tools Help Companies Meet Privacy Requirements

PR Web

On a happier note, several vendors are helping to address privacy requirements. OneTrust and Active Navigation are partnering to help companies find sensitive customer information lurking in unstructured data. Dataguise has added a product to simplify response to customer data access requests. And BigID is making it easier to track third party data sharing, as required by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other rules.

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