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October 1, 2019

IT and Business Users Disagree on Value of Citizen Developers

IT and Business Users Disagree on Value of Citizen Developers: Mendix Survey


Should business users work independently of IT? No prizes for guessing that 70% of IT workers think it’s a bad idea while 69% of business users think it’s good. Everyone agrees their organization would benefit from “low code” platforms that make development easier for whoever does the work. Also no prize for guessing that survey sponsor Mendix offers a low-code platform.

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CX Success Correlates with Business/IT Alignment: Cyara Study


If anything requires coordination between business and IT, it’s improving customer experience. This Cyara survey found that companies with more experience in CX projects were 87% more likely to report shared understanding between business and IT and twice as likely to report an excellent CX.

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CX Satisfaction Drops to Record Low: COPC Survey


Speaking of customer experience, consultancy COPC found consumer satisfaction with multichannel experience reached the lowest point in the eight years they’ve been keeping score, falling to 38% from 57% in 2018. There’s plenty more in this 75 page report so let’s just pull one factoid: only 60% of respondents said they’d used the phone to resolve a service issue in the past year.

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