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October 3, 2019

Oracle Buys CrowdTwist and SnapLogic Raises $72 Million

Oracle Buys Cloud-Based Loyalty Platform CrowdTwist


Lots of small-but-significant news today, Dear Reader. Oracle has purchased cloud-based loyalty platform CrowdTwist. Industry trends illustrated: marketers focus on full life cycle, not just acquisition; cross-channel orchestration; shift to cloud; expanded scope for enterprise marketing vendors; prebuilt campaigns to speed deployment.

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SnapLogic Raises $72 Million Series G for Self-Service Data Integration


Easy-to-use data and process integration platform SnapLogic has raised $72 million, bringing its total to $208 million since 2007. Trends illustrated: need for cross-system integration; appeal of self-service; AI-assisted systems; martech funding for infrastructure projects. Trend not illustrated: CDP, since SnapLogic doesn’t create a persistent database.

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MediaMath Promises 100% Accountable and Addressable Media Supply Chain


Adtech vendor MediaMath has pledged to deliver a “100 percent accountable and addressable supply chain by the end of 2020”, via a cooperative project called SOURCE. It’s a bit unclear what’s involved (at least to me), but the commitment to “righting the wrongs of a digital advertising industry” that has “gotten lost in fraud, waste, and irrelevance” taps into a mad-as-hell-and-we-won’t-take-it spirit within the advertising world and beyond.

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