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October 4, 2019

European High Court Rules Cookies Need Clear, Specific, Active Consent

European High Court Rules Cookies Need Clear, Specific, Active Consent

JD Supra

Any remaining hope that current online data sharing practices would somehow survive pretty much died this week, when the European Union’s highest court ruled that placing any cookie requires “active consent” – as in ticking an unticked-by-default check box – and that cookies for data sharing can’t be combined with cookies for other purposes. The ruling also specifies that consent language clearly identify the third parties that will gain access to the data.

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Taboola and Outbrain Merge Their Content Recommendation Businesses


The fundamental challenge posed by loss of existing third party data is creating large-scale advertising audiences. Content recommendation companies like Taboola and Outbrain already offer themselves as an alternative way to achieve scale. The two firms just announced a merger with Taboola as the survivor. So more of an acquisition, really.

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Wurl Introduces Connected TV Marketplace

PR Newswire

The search for scale is really a quest for independence from Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Connected TV is another escape path offered by many players. One is Wurl, which just launched AdPool, a marketplace for video producers to sell their connected TV inventories. The scale is there: connected TV now accounts for half of all video ad impressions, according to this Extreme Reach study.

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