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October 10, 2019

Martech Takes Lower Share of Marketing Budgets in Gartner Report

Martech Takes Lower Share of Marketing Budgets: Gartner CMO Spend Survey


Martech’s share of total marketing budgets fell from 29% to 26% in Gartner’s latest CMO Spend Survey. Gartner doubts this signals a long-term decline but does note that CMOs struggle to manage martech. They recommend hiring “martech generalists” to help meet changing demands and creating a plan to address skills gaps.

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Tech Skills Biggest Gap in Current Marketing Staffs: The Economist Group

Digital Marketing Institute

Those “martech generalists” will be hard to find: an Economist Group study for the Digital Marketing Institute finds that it’s already harder to recruit for data and analytics skills than customer experience, strategy and planning, or anything else. The same study found that technical skills are most needed by marketing departments, rating higher than creativity, analytical thinking, or marketing itself.

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Interpublic Group Launches Precision Targeting Business Based on Acxiom Acquisition

Globe Newswire

Marketers hire agencies when they lack in-house skills. Eying the martech talent gap, Interpublic Group spent $2 billion last year to purchase data-driven marketing services company Acxiom. They’ve now launched Kinesso, which will rely on Acxiom to create applications that use data to improve media results. Kinesso will also incorporate Cadreon, Interpublic’s addressable media activation unit.

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