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October 22, 2019

Shipping Is Important to Online Shoppers

Shipping Is Important to Online Shoppers: ShipStation Report


Hi, it’s Jamie, Senior Intern in the Department of the Obvious. The boss has no news today so it’s my turn. Let’s start with a study that finds shipping is important to online shoppers. ShipStation found that 96% of consumers consider shipping when buying and 88% say a bad shipping experience makes them less likely to buy again. I wonder what a bad experience does to the other 12%.

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Most Office Time is Unproductive: Asana Survey


Next we have research from Asana showing that much office time is non-productive. They found 60% of time is spent on coordination, such as communications, searching for information, and managing priorities, compared with just 26% on skilled tasks. Taking the obvious up a notch, people say that most meetings are unnecessary and they spent a lot of time reading email.

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Internet TVs Collect Lots of Customer Data: Princeton Study

Princeton University

Winning this week’s Ne Plus Obvious Award (which I just invented), a Princeton University study that found internet-connected TVs track customer data. They found trackers on 69% of Roku channels and 89% of Amazon Fire channels – and that lots of the data could be linked to specific individuals. Maybe that’s not literally obvious, since the notifications are well hidden, but if you’re surprised then you haven’t been paying attention.

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