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Actable is a customer data agency that creates transformative value for our clients – and better experiences for their customers - through the conscientious use of 1st party data. As both consultant and hands-on execution partner we work with marketers to deploy, operate, and enhance CDP installations to maximize their return on investment.

Vendors we have worked with: Lytics, Blueshift, Segment, Tealium, mParticle, Adobe, Simon Data.

Contact: hello@actabledata.com

AcxiomPartner .png

Acxiom’s fifty years of proven expertise managing customer data ensures brands can enjoy accelerated results on their CDP investment wherever they are in the process. This is evidenced by the fact that over the past six years, Acxiom clients have renewed over 95% of their contracts.

Acxiom partners with select global CDP software providers to help implement, integrate, enhance, and optimize the value of CDP software and offerings. The advantage of Acxiom’s deep expertise in customer data management, identity management, ethical data use, and professional services enables the brand’s business strategy and technology ecosystem to align with the goals and metrics of success. Learn more here.

Contact: info@acxiom.com

AvanciPartner Europe .png

Avanci, a subsidiary of MV Group, is a data and CRM consulting firm based in France and focused on relationship marketing and ROI. As a preferred implementation partner of BlueVenn for French-speaking organizations across France, Switzerland and Belgium, Avanci combine our 20 years of experience in database marketing, CRM and loyalty strategies, with a deep knowledge of the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform. With expertise in CDP solutions, data intelligence and CRM activation, we ensure that brands realise the ROI of their CDP investment every time through the careful development of use cases and the effective building of complementary strategies for data activation, customer analytics and multi-channel marketing automation.

Vendors we have worked with: BlueVenn, Selligent, Commanders Act, Marketo, Pipedrive

Contact: contact@avanci.fr

BitBangPartner Europe Gold .png

BitBang offers services and best practices in Customer Intelligence, Advanced Analytics & Optimization, Modern Intelligence, Data Management, Machine Learning/AI and Cloud Engineering and has been supporting organizations since 2003 in developing a solid Data Measurement Strategy to enable data-driven marketing actions and smart personalization of the Customer Experience on all digital touchpoints to increase business opportunities.

Based in Bologna, Italy, BitBang has developed a strong international presence. Driven by our client’s needs, we maintain an honest and open relationship, supporting businesses with the people, processes, solutions and strategies to derive and interlink insights back to business objectives. Through the collection, integration and visualization of data, BitBang enables organizations to leverage data in the best possible way to achieve a holistic knowledge of the customer and brand performance. With simplified, yet enriched data, our clients can be sure to make the right evidence-based decisions to achieve their ambitions.

Key Services include: Business Management • Analytics and Measurement • Intelligence and Insights • Optimization and Personalization • Data Collection, Preparation and Governance • Dashboard Design and Development • Customer Intelligence • Insight Services • Data Governance • Data Management • Data Science Services

Vendors we have worked with: Adobe, Arm Treasure Data, Commanders Act, Google, Microsoft, Tealium

Contact: info@bitbang.com

b.telligentPartner Europe .png

b.telligent is considered one of the market leaders in Germany for business intelligence consulting projects. The main objective of b.telligent is to enable clients to tackle the challenges of the present and upcoming digital transformation. In order to meet those challenges, it is important for b.telligent to support its clients in the deployment of some of the most advanced data science techniques such as artificial intelligence and machine learning while at the same time ensuring these ventures are based on solid data fundamentals.

Additionally, b.telligent continuously strives to optimize clients business processes by applying knowledge gained through consolidation and analysis of business information all resulting in increased margins, lowered cost and improved risk management.

Our customers are leaders in their sectors, such as telecommunications, financial services, trade, and the industry. Since 2004, over 300 clients have benefited from our “data-first” approach. With over 160 employees spread across six offices, we are passionate about joining our clients in establishing and advancing their data-driven business models.

Vendors we have worked with: Commanders Act, Cross Engage

Contact: marketing@btelligent.com

Clear ValuePartner Europe .png

Clear Value is the Customer Integration Company creating CDP based customer insights for better Marketing, Sales and Board decision making. We help you select and implement the right CDP based on a clear customer strategy. We deliver actionable customer insights, models and playbooks to monetize on the unified customer data. Clear Value is vendor neutral, allowing us to select the best solutions for you. Clear Value is a hands-on company. We are clear on the value we can and will deliver.

Vendors we have worked with: AgilOne, Blueconic, Tealium, PRDCT

Contact: welkom@clearvalue.nl

CuramandoPartner Europe .png

Curamando is a consultancy firm that helps companies grow their revenue by increasing their digital capabilities and competitiveness. Our management consultants and digital experts work in close-knit teams to help large and medium-sized companies manage and structure their digital marketing and sales. Using quality assuring data-driven insights and metrics, Curamando streamlines companies' customer acquisition and performance against established business goals. A strong focus is placed on meaningful change management and positive results that enable clients to take full advantage of the digital ecosystem.

In August 2017, Curamando acquired Conversionista - the leading conversion optimisation specialists in Europe. This was an important step toward realising Curamando’s vision of being the partner of choice for Nordic companies that strive towards sustainable digital growth. Curamando was founded in 2012 and has approximately 180 employees. The head office is in Stockholm, and offices in both Gothenburg and Oslo were opened in 2018.

Vendors we have worked with: Apsis, BlueConic, mParticle, Segment, Tealium.

Contact: business@curamando.com  

DataEMPartner .png

A CDP consultancy that works as results-oriented advisors with decades of experience building and implementing marketing databases. This practical, hands-on knowledge is at the foundation of a CDP, making DataEM advisors the ideal experts to consult when reviewing vendors, preparing RFPs, or managing implementation. DataEM advisors can also function as fractional CMOs, nurturing and aligning your existing marketing team, performing marketing maturity audits, and extracting e2e (end to end) KPIs.

Contact: BrentJDreyer@DataEM.com

Deloitte DigitalPartner Gold .png

Many people experience business as pretty transactional and impersonal. But brands that grow understand that every modern consumer interaction is an opportunity not just to sell, but to connect. It’s a chance to provide value that drives loyalty by treating people like human beings with real wants and needs. We call this elevating the human experience, and it’s where best for brand meets best for customer. And Hux by Deloitte Digital can help drive hyper-growth by elevating the human experience at every interaction.

Contact: Hux@deloitte.com

diva-ePartner Europe .png

As Germany's leading Transactional Experience Partner (TXP), diva-e creates digital experiences that inspire customers and drive business forward. With more than 20 years of experience in digital business, diva-e covers the digital value chain from strategy to technology to creation.

The holistic service and product offering in the areas of Planning & Innovation, Platforms & Experiences, Growth & Performance and Data & Intelligence ensures increased sales, competitive advantages and measurably more transactions - for all target groups, devices and products.

diva-e cooperates with worldwide leading technology partners such as Adobe, Google, Segment, SAP Hybris, Spryker, e-Spirit, Microsoft, intelliAd and Bloomreach. Numerous top companies and love brands trust diva-e - including EDEKA, E. ON, FC Bayern Munich, Carl Zeiss and Sky. Throughout Germany, diva-e employs around 800 people at 14 locations.

Contact: info@diva-e.com

Ecommerce ResultPartner Europe .png

Ecommerce Result is a vendor-independent Ecommerce Technology Agency with offices in The Netherlands and Belgium. Our consultants and interim professionals have at least 10 years of relevant working experience in Ecommerce, Customer Data Management, Product Data Management and Marketing Automation Solutions.

First of all, we help our CDP customers with a proper Customer Data Strategy. Next to that we help them select the perfect solution and manage the implementation and activation of the Customer Data Platform.

Vendors we have worked with: Adobe, AgilOne, Blueconic, BlueVenn, Custobar, Exponea, Invicta, LeadBoxer, Lytics, PRDCT, Salesforce, Squeezely, Tealium.

Contact: cdp@ecommerceresult.com

FELD MPartner Europe .png

Based on quantitative and qualitative analyses, FELD M develops strategies and activities for client acquisition and retention. Aligned to your business objectives, we develop sustainable digital strategies and activities to drive target audience awareness and distinguish your products from your competitors. Our services capabilities build on each other and add value to data activation.

Strategy & Foundation: Data Strategy ● Customer Journey Mapping / Personas ● Data Architecture ● MarTech Stack ● Data Literacy: organizational, processes, enablement

Collection & Integration: App & Web (TMS) ● Data Engineering (Data Pipeline in Cloud) ● GDPR Compliance ● (Automated) Testing

Analytics & Insights: Insights to identify levers and evaluate actions ● CRM & Customer Journey Analytics ● bespoke models / AI integration ● Visualization

Activation: data activation strategy ● implementation setup, configuration, and maintenance ● integration and connection of sources and destinations ● customized data science modules for data enablement based on automatized ETL ● personalization in delivery systems and tools

Vendors we have worked with: Tealium, Segment, Google Marketing Platform, Adobe Experience Cloud, Ensighten, CommandersAct, Tableau, Power BI, Klipfolio, Google Data Studio, Emarsys, AWS, Azure, GCP

Contact: contact@feld-m.de

Foresight Executive Advisory

Foresight supports Enterprises and MarTechs in their quest for growth.  

For Enterprises: choosing your marketing technology/CDP stack is a complex process. Foresight applies a rigorous selection using industry experience to help your brand discern which of the many overlapping technologies and services will truly deliver productivity, customer experience and ROI. 

For MarTech/CDP Vendors: differentiation is challenging particularly in the CDP space.  We provide domestic and international strategic and operational services around  business planning, acquisitions, funding,  sales, marketing and service  and of course exits.  

Vendors we have worked : BlueVenn, Evergage, IBM (Unica), FreshRelevance, Throtle.io, FullContact 

Contact: Curt@ForesightExecutiveAdvisory.com 

Future MarketingPartner Europe .png

Focused on results powered by technology.

FM is a leading consultancy for data- and technology-driven marketing based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Being technology-agnostic after having been founded in 2007, FM transforms the marketing-goals of its clients into economically successful technology setups and efficient marketing organizations.

In more detail, FM pragmatically develops adequate ad-/martech-architecture for its clients’ business goals and steers vendor selections, technical implementations and configuration. FM activates tech-stacks by setting up or reviewing its clients’ data-, analytics- and campaigning operations, implementing suitable operating models as well as enabling and training responsible employees.

Being well-staffed with senior experience in customer acquisition, CRM and in conjunction with profound knowledge on GDPR and ePrivacy implications as well as other European data protection regulations, FM is the perfect service partner for all aspects related to CDP selection, implementation and operationalisation.

FM customers include leading European corporations across various verticals, including telco, transport, energy, finance, retail and ecommerce. In 2018 FM was awarded with “Top Partner EMEA” by Tealium, in 2019 “Beste Berater 2019” by Brand Eins magazine.

Vendors we have worked with: Tealium, Cross Engage, Commanders Act, Applicata.

Contact: kontakt@futuremarketing-network.de

GravitaiPartner Europe .png

Gravitai is one of the most prestigious CDP and Marketing Cloud agencies in the UK. They specialise in the implementation, management, and optimisation of both CDP and Marketing Cloud platforms across several industries and sectors. They primarily work at the enterprise level and their client portfolio includes large, global organisations that offer services and products to millions of customers around the world. Gravitai's approach is exceptionally technical, highly strategic, and entirely driven on ROI success.

Countries where they're currently delivering projects: UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, USA, Mexico. Languages they speak: English, Spanish, French, German.

Vendors they have worked with: Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Evergage (now part of Salesforce), Exponea, Tealium, Acquia, Oracle.

Contact: leo@gravitai.com

Growth Marketing Advisors

Growth Marketing Advisors uses modern marketing techniques to drive growth for brands (small biz & enterprise) and MarTech vendors.  

For Brands: Growth Marketing Advisors will create the vision & roadmap for your stack, negotiate term sheets, and provide implementation guidance to support your marketing strategy. 

For MarTech/CDP Vendors: From basic product positioning, to creating collateral, to communications, to soliciting investors, we differentiate your product in the crowded MarTech landscape.

Vendors we have worked with: Action IQ, Acxiom, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Braze, CaliberMind, Custora, Datorama, Hubspot, LeadLander, Lytics, Oracle Marketing Cloud, mParticle, Optimove, Pardot, Reltio, Salesforce, Segment, SnapLogic, Sprinklr, TapAd, Usermind

Contact: jason@growthmarketingadvisors.tech

HGS DigitalPartner .png

Looking to transform your marketing with Data & AI?

HGS Digital partners with marketing organizations to help with:

  • Data strategy & tools selection
  • Martech implementation services
  • AI/ML modeling for insights & predictive analytics

We partnered with 100+ enterprises to deploy digital transformation solutions. Our experts in the areas of design, data, AI/ML & cloud focus on helping marketing teams gain agility & compete better against competition.

We help enterprises deploy CDPs successfully through planning, implementation & ongoing optimization services.

Vendors we have worked with: Tealium, Lytics, Snowplow, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Eloqua, AWS/Azure stack

Contact: cdp@hgsdigital.com

Intelligent Demand

Intelligent Demand transforms the way companies grow by expertly connecting their marketing to revenue impact. We’re a full service revenue agency that helps companies find, keep and grow with their ideal customers.

Our solutions target the pillars of world class revenue performance: integrated revenue growth strategy, customer-centric go to market planning, account based and demand generation programs, sales enablement, and best-of-breed technology, data and analytics services. Our clients drive measurable revenue impact, faster ROI, lower program risk, and better customer experiences together with us. See case studies and helpful content at intelligentdemand.com.

Vendors we have worked with: CaliberMind, Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua 

Contact: john.common@intelligentdemand.com

Irep Co., Ltd.Partner Gold .png

Irep is a digital marketing agency in Japan who always strived to provide the most effective solutions for our clients domestically and internationally.

With our expertise in digital marketing and well as innovative ad solutions, Irep goes above and beyond what is required to ensure that we deliver our clients the best possible results.

Vendors we have worked with: Adobe, Salesforce, Tealium, Treasure Data.

Contact: contact@irep.co.jp    

Leverage LabPartner .png

Leverage Lab is your Customer Data Platform (CDP) activation partner.  As the first and only Customer Data Platform centric agency, we offer a unique set of services and capabilities that ensure organizational value and adoption from your CDP investment.  Leverage Lab specializes in:

  • Customer Data Platform Use Case Development
  • Key Customer Data Platform Feature/Functionality Needs Assessment
  • Customer Data Platform RFP and Vendor Review
  • Organizationally Specific Implementation Assistance
  • Rapid Use Case Deployment
  • Agency Managed Services (campaign, analytics and development services)

Vendors we have worked with: Lytics, Tealium, DOMO, LiveRamp, Marketo, SailThru, Salesforce, Zuora.

Contact: info@LeverageLab.com


LiquidHub is an engagement company that partners with businesses to improve customer experience and drive growth. Headquartered in Philadelphia, with operations in North America, Asia, and Europe, we serve companies globally, LiquidHub helps businesses solve their most complex challenges through design expertise and technology innovation. Our customer successes are the result of a culture rooted in thought leadership and delivery excellence.

As a preferred services and implementation partner for RedPoint, LiquidHub delivers strategy definition, technology integration, and advanced data and analytics services to manage and enrich CDPs and optimize customer engagement.

Vendors we have worked with: RedPoint Global

Contact: info@liquidhub.com


Marketsoft helps businesses unlock the value of their data. Our goal is to help businesses better leverage and understand who their best customers are, improve their customer engagement, and find more potential customers in the marketplace.

We are an Australian owned and based data services company with global capability and experience.  We provide Business and Consumer Data Services such as: Data Strategy, CRM Data Hygiene, Customer Data Management, Analytics/Modelling/Segmentation, bespoke data projects, and Best of Breed Data Management and Marketing Automation platforms.”

Vendors we have worked with: RedPoint Global

Contact: ContactUs@marketsoft.com.au


Merkle brings mature data management capabilities to integrate all customer data into a holistic view based on over 25 years of managing customer data for clients.

Our strategy team can provide a holistic assessment of and comprehensive plan for your organization’s CDP, with actionable recommendations aligned to real business outcomes and stakeholder buy-in across the organization.

Merkle commands full-stack, multi-product technology solutions from the industry’s software leaders.  We offer support for planning, deploying, integrating and managing CDP solutions, enabling you to focus on the business of marketing.  

Vendors we have worked with: Ascent360, Datorama, Ensighten, Lytics, RedPoint Global, Signal, Tealium.

Contact: marketing@merkleinc.com

NeustarPartner .png

Neustar is an information services and technology company and a leader in identity resolution providing the data and technology that enables trusted connections between companies and people at the moments that matter most. Neustar offers industry-leading solutions in Marketing, Risk, Communications, Security and Registry that responsibly connect data on people, devices and locations, continuously corroborated through billions of transactions. Neustar serves more than 8,000 clients worldwide, including 60 of the Fortune 100. Learn how your company can benefit from the power of trusted connections.

Contact: solutions@team.neustar

OPT, Inc.Partner Gold .png

OPT is 'Innovation Agency' that achieves client's future focusing on digital marketing.

Since developing Japan's first advertising effectiveness measurement system 'ADPLAN' in 2000, OPT, as a data-driven firm, has been supporting clients in digital marketing. We provide total services(*) from strategy planning to execution across various communication channels based on digital marketing.

*Digital branding, direct response, CRM, optimizing mass/digital media and Integrated Marketing Communication

As a strategic partner for CDP utilization, we will consistently accelerate promotion support for client's data-driven marketing(*).

*Solution design, strategy planning consulting, customer understanding analytics, and data architecture design

Vendors we have worked with: AgilOne, Blueconic, Tealium, PRDCT

Contact: info@mg.opt.ne.jp

Refined Path

Connected Data. Connected Customers.

Refined Path helps organizations drive business results by blending strategy, technology & analysis. We bring expertise in CDP’s, DMP’s & CRM platforms plus proven methodologies. We advise, train and offer managed services for one-to-one customer engagement. NY-based. What makes us different?

Digital Agency & Analytics Experience: Approach honed by 10+ years of digital media & CX experience at data-centric agencies Merkle & Razorfish, and 8 years of analytics at IRI.

Client Experience: We've worked with premier brands across verticals including multi-year engagements with AstraZenca, Capital One, Chase, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Starwood Hotels, Victoria's Secret & Verizon.

Vendors we have worked with: Lytics, Treasure Data, Marketo, Salesforce, Velocidi.

Contact: tom@refinedpath.com

SASPartner .png

SAS is an analytics leader. Combining analytics, customer intelligence and data management software and services, SAS helps customers at 83,000 sites globally to make better decisions faster. For CX leaders, SAS provides enhanced CDP capabilities that facilitate evolving CX needs now and into the future. SAS delivers the ultimate analytical advantage – powered by AI and automation. We operationalize business strategies and marketing tactics in a hybrid cloud environment – combining disparate data for customer experience functions across the organization. The result? SAS Customer Intelligence takes you from data to insight to action and elevates customer experiences for profitable brand differentiation. Michiel.Kleijn@sas.com

Contact: Michiel.Kleijn@sas.com

SlalomPartner .png

Slalom is a modern consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation. With 38 locations around the world, we help companies tackle their most ambitious projects and build new capabilities. We are advisors, strategists, and engineers focused on people, above all else.

Slalom brings a holistic approach to your CDP project. With a customer-first approach we help our clients understand their customer’s journey as part of enabling the right CDP strategy. Finding the right platform and capturing appropriate data is just one part of the solution. What you do with the data matters. Our Certified MarTech Architects, CDP Experts, Marketers, Experience Designers, and Data and Analytics Specialists partner with your in-house team to ensure that your organization has the knowledge and capability to continue to benefit from your CDP investment long after the initial strategy and implementation are complete.

Our teams have deep expertise in a wide range of Customer Data Platforms to guide your company through the CDP/MarTech maze. Vendor relationships are critical for success and your organization and project will benefit from our long-term investments in this area.

Vendors we have worked with: Adobe Experience Platform, AgilOne, Amperity, Evergage, Lytics, mParticle, Segment, Tealium

Contact: CDP@slalom.com

Spur Interactiv

Spur Interactiv’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) Advisors are dedicated to helping enterprise companies successfully learn, select, implement & integrate the right CDP seamlessly into their existing IT/MarTech infrastructures. Spur is committed to Radical Transparency & Client Success.

Our CDP Advisors Specialize in:

  • CDP Education & Building Cross Divisional Consensus
  • Business Case Evaluation
  • Process Definition
  • RFI & RFP Development
  • Vendor Review & Assessment
  • Implementation & Integration
  • How to Leverage a CDP to Maximize Value & ROI

Vendors we have worked with: LiveRamp, Salesforce, Quickpivot, Acxiom, Hubspot

Contact: info@spurinteractiv.com

The Data ActorsPartner Europe .png

The Data Actors is a customer-centric marketing intelligence agency. We support data-driven organisations in Western Europe. We have a passion for a unique, data driven customer experience combined with significant conversion and customer value improvement. As a business partner we strive to be pleasantly engaging and pragmatic, using our skills and experience to coach and inspire our clients to get the best results from actionable data. We love data as much as we love our clients. We offer B2C and B2B marketing intelligence solutions.

Our consultants have experience in Publishing, e-Commerce, Media, Technology, Travel, Financial Services, IT, Business Services and Charity

Location: Netherlands, Europe

Vendors we have worked with: Leadspace, Exponea, CM.com

Contact: info@thedataactors.nl

Transparent Partners

Transparent is an independent, objective, marketing technology consultancy helping brands safely navigate the complex data and technology landscape.  Our philosophy combines technology platforms, people, and process to harness the full potential of addressability, marketing automation, and digital transformation.  We are experts in Marketing Technology platforms including CDP, CRM, TMS, and DMP.  We help brands assess the incremental value of a CDP within their existing technology stack, evaluate CDP vendors, guide through implementation, and establish CDP best practices.

Vendors we have worked with:  Tealium, Signal, LiveRamp, Ensighten, Neustar, Acxiom, Epsilon, Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, Epsilon, Tableau, Datorama.

Contact: Info@Transparent.Partners


Venntifact is a leading marketing technology and data consultancy in Australia, helping enterprise brands to deliver personalised experiences at scale.  Venntifact is technology agnostic, with experience across all major technology clouds and leading best-in-class data solutions.  We enable enterprise brands to develop a strategy and business case for CDP solutions, including assistance conducting RFPs, and are implementation certified for a number of CDP vendors.

Headquartered in Sydney, Venntifact services Australia, New Zealand and the broader Asia Pacific region.

Vendors we have worked with: Tealium, Mparticle, Amperity, Segment, Google Marketing Platform, Adobe Experience Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Ensighten, Datorama.

Contact: damon@venntifact.com

WebbulaPartner .png

Webbula is the undisputed industry leader in data quality technology. Our Data Enrichment, Audience Targeting, and Email Hygiene services mitigate delivery threats, enhance data lists for email campaigns and create actionable audiences for online ad serving. Webbula has a proven track record of helping our customers navigate hazardous data quality obstacles and increase their return on investment.  

Our passion remains what it has been since day one, to help our customers market confidently. Webbula pioneered and perfected multi-method email hygiene, the ability to detect Spam Traps, and much more – all in pursuit of truth in data.

Contact: marketing@webbula.com

Wunderman Thompson DataPartner Gold .png

We are the data and technology experts at Wunderman Thompson—a creative, data, and technology agency built to inspire growth for ambitious brands. With 1,000+ data scientists, analysts, strategists, technologists, and consultants around the world, our team uses data to deeply understand human behavior and drive more personal, timely, and relevant communications.

We help marketers learn what their customers want, what they don’t, and most importantly, why. Because that’s one of the big differences between knowing about someone and knowing someone. When you know someone, you can engage with them in a genuinely human way—like a friend would. That means the more brands know their customers, the more they can do things like empathize with them, remember them, anticipate their needs, and connect with them in the right way at the right time.

Contact: wtdinfo@wundermanthompson.com

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