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Making the Most of Your CDP:
From Understanding to Engagement

June 17, 2020 1 p.m. Eastern Time and subsequently on-demand



With the data silos broken down, a unified customer profile through a CDP is no longer a myth. At the same time, enterprise marketing technology allows engaging with customers in real time with contextually relevant experiences. Yet, companies are still struggling to build their stack into a machine with rotating gears that don't crack. The devil is not in the details, but in a unique combination of capabilities, intelligence, and approach to building a brand that successfully aligns your CX with the expectations of your customers. Join our panel of experts as they describe the journey from customer insight to successful engagement.



Chelsea (Heath) Lawley has spent the last 10+ years helping companies place their customers at the center of every communication and decision by breaking down silos and utilizing the data they have efficiently. By redesigning omni-channel customer experience programs at major financial institutions, she has saved clients over $50MM in operational costs while increasing clients' NPS scores by more than 100 BPS. Chelsea has management consulting experience in financial services, pharmaceuticals, energy, and entertainment, but is currently leading financial services solutions at NGDATA, where she partners with banks to achieve greater wallet share, decrease attrition, and increase NPS while decreasing operational costs.


Kevin Shaver has spent the last 10 years organizing companies' data in ways that put the customer first. Kevin has a consulting and data architecture background in utility, telco, insurance, and financial services, where he's helped build big data journey analytic and orchestration platforms that drive real-time insights in today's ever-changing world. He is currently part of the solution architecture team at NGDATA and helps discover where its IEP solution fits into your organization's ecosystem.

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David M. Raab is founder and CEO of the Customer Data Platform Institute, a vendor-neutral organization which educates marketers and technologists about customer data management. As a consultant and industry analyst, Mr. Raab has helped hundreds of organizations around the world to select and deploy marketing technology. He has spoken and taught around the world, published hundreds of articles, and is author of Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit (Racom Books, 2009).


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