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CDP Institute 2023 Member Survey: Success in an Era of Limits (CDP Institute)

What is slowing data unification efforts and what might be the result? This survey of CDPI members has the answers, as well as other industry insights.

Industry Update July 2023 (CDP Institute)

What’s new in the CDP industry? This report from the CDPI shares the latest.

CDP Industry Profile: Learnings from the RealCDP Audit Survey (CDP Institute)

The CDP Institute’s RealCDPTM program captures over 200 data points on each vendor it certifies. This report uses that data to explore the contours of the CDP industry.

CDP Institute Member Survey 2022: Best Practices Drive Value (CDP Institute)

What do CDPI members have to say about customer data management best practices? This survey has the answers, as well as other industry trends.

Vendor Privacy Survey Report (CDP Institute)

Can a CDP replace your Consent Management Platform?  The CDP Institute analyzed capabilities of 40+ vendors to find the answer to this and other important questions.

CDP Use Cases: What Users Want (CDP Institute)

The CDPI’s Use Case Generator helps users define their CDP requirements. This report analyzes aggregate results to show what matters most to users.  Find out which data sources, CDP features, result measures, and use case goals are most common, and how to use this information to improve CDP results.

CDP Institute Member Survey 2021: The Path to CDP Success (CDP Institute)

What do CDPI members have to say about successful CDP deployments? This survey has the answers, along with other industry trends.

Customer Data Management: CDP Institute Member Survey 2020 (CDP Institute)

What do CDPI members have to say about martech best practices and other CDP topics? This survey shares it all.

Let’s Look at the Data: Recent Surveys on Marketing Technology (CDP Institute)

Do consumers really want personalization? Should marketers be in charge of customer data? Learn what the surveys say.

Customer Data Platform Frequently Asked Questions (CDP Institute)

Straight answers to questions including: how CDPs differ from DMPs, data lakes, and other types of systems; what’s involved in implementing and operating a CDP; and how CDPs integrate with marketing execution systems.