Retailer Wildfang used a Customer Data Platform to Boost Revenue by 73%

December 15, 2016


Wildfang, a quickly growing clothing and accessories retailer, is a brand that is all about understanding its customers. They serve an extremely diverse audience, ranging from sports enthusiasts, fashionistas and career women to A-list actors and entertainers. Wildfang understands their various audiences and, in-store, their associates can immediately assess which products will resonate with individual customers as soon as they walk in.

However, the challenge was how to extend that personalized experience to their e-commerce website. Wildfang decided to use a customer data platform (CDP) to help them identify their diverse audiences online, personalize their messaging to them and generate more revenue.


Wildfang chose Lytics because its customer data platform allows companies to personalize their marketing (e.g, website, online ads, email, etc.) by better managing data about customers and taking action from both integrations (e.g., Facebook Ads, email, etc.) and within the product itself (the Lytics website personalization product).

How they did it:

STEP 1: Resolve identities and access a holistic view of each customer by feeding cross-channel customer data (location, email, subscription, social, offline and online purchasing, web, and mobile) into one centralized hub.

STEP 2: Take advantage of behavioral and predictive insights and create dynamic, cross-channel audience segments.

STEP 3: Create custom web campaigns that integrate with the look and feel of their website.


Personalized messaging and recommendations

Instead of one-size-fits-all messaging, Wildfang used a customer data platform to deliver distinct language and recommendations on their website that would resonate with customers who came from select partner and affiliate websites. They saw a 10% click-through rate as a result.

Targeted Offers

Wildfang used a customer data platform to leverage in-store and website data to identify customers who qualified for lifetime free shipping. These customers were greeted with website personalization to remind them of the offer. Conversion rates have skyrocketed — up 80% year on year, with targeted messaging a key factor.

Better User Experience

While unknown visitors received a website prompt for one retailer’s newsletter signup, Wildfang used a CDP to suppress prompts for known customers (who had already provided an email address). This simple fix resulted in a better user experience for known customers and reduced bounce rates.

Channel-Preference Marketing

By using a Customer Data Platform, Wildfang eliminated unnecessary advertising spend by not retargeting customers who were already engaging with them over email and reserving online win-back ads for individuals who unsubscribe from emails.


The overall result of using a Customer Data Platform has been a better customer experience and a considerable increase in revenue for the popular retailer. Emma McIlroy, CEO of Wildfang explains: “Previously, we didn’t have a way to target members from our most important cohorts on our website. With Lytics, identifying and messaging this group on site is easy. This opportunity equals immediate and significant revenue for us and helped us grow our business by 73% in one year.”