Addressable TV Ads Reach Critical Mass

We haven’t heard much yet about fraud in addressable TV ads but you can bet it’s coming. Connected TVs are now found in 60% of households according to this YuMe study. BrightLine recently launched an audience platform that delivers personalized ads across TV, Web, and mobile devices and can be mapped to more than 30,000 third party audience segments. And if you’re worried about privacy, connected and over-the-top (OTT) TV audience manager TruOptik has launched an opt-out registry for its own database of 70 million households and 10,000+ segments. It hopes the rest of the industry will join in.

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Ecrebo Adds POS Personalization Platform with Unified Data

January 15, 2018

Most of the news from NRF seemed to be about in-store systems – not especially surprising, but where were artificial intelligence or unified online/offline experience? Instead we have point of sale marketing specialist Ecrebo announcing a new platform to deliver targeted offers at checkout via printed receipts, digital receipts, or customer-facing screens. Ecrebo bases its targeting on a central database that combines transactions and other data from all channels, so it does look a bit like a CDP. Not that I’m obsessed.

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