Big Data Isn’t Big Enough: Ocient Report

If you think data issues are challenging today, just wait.  Ocient finds that mere “big data” is being replaced by “hyperscale data”, which involves higher volumes and near-immediate analytics.  Nearly all respondents (97%) expect data volumes to rise quickly in the next few years and 59% expect to move to a new data warehousing platform to handle the growth.

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Given Amazon’s $1.7B purchase offer, we’re leaning toward “spy”

August 16, 2022

Amazon has acquired iRobot, the company whose Roomba vacuum revolutionized dust bunny clean up and holds a whopping 56.7% market share. It’s being called “the most dangerous, threatening acquisition” in Amazon’s history. No mean feat, given that just last week the company rocked the medical world with a $3.9B offer for One Medical and got called out a couple weeks before for its Ring security doorbell sharing doorstep data with police departments.

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