Blueshift Plans Global Expansion

CDP Blueshift is expanding sales efforts in the European and Asia Pacific regions, announcing plans to open London and Singapore offices and an option to host data in Europe.  The company raised a $30 million Series C in February and is eager to grow its global footprint.

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Lytics Adds Tool to Query Cloud Data Warehouses

August 25, 2021

CDP vendor Lytics has announced the open beta of a new tool, Cloud Connect, that will let the Lytics personalization engine run SQL queries to extract data from cloud data warehouses such as Google Cloud Platform and Snowflake.  The results will be merged with real-time data streams within the personalization engine, formerly the Lytics CDP but now called Lytics Decision Engine.   Note that there’s still a unified, persistent customer database in the picture.

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Most CMOs Think They Run Digital Transformation: Gartner Report

August 25, 2021

I know you love Gartner reports, Dear Reader, so here’s a fairly modest one about the role of marketing in digital transformation.  The most interesting news is that 80% of CMOs leaders think they’re responsible for leading digital business transformation strategies, a figure that most non-marketing leaders would probably find delusional.   More realistically, 83% say that innovation programs have not met management expectations.

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