CDP AgilOne Adds High-Speed Query Tool and Customer Privacy API

Retail-focused CDP AgilOne also made an announcement at NRF. They highlighted enhancements including a new high-speed data query tool, a customer privacy API to comply with GDPR and other requirements, and easier access to real time contextual information by in-store systems and other customer-facing applications.

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Magnetic Releases Fully Automated Media Buying Platform

January 16, 2018

Artificial intelligence may no longer be a guaranteed attention getter, but it still adds value. Adtech vendor Magnetic has launched an AI-driven media buying platform that it says completely automates campaign execution from audience selection to bidding and optimization. Audiences are drawn from Magnetic’s 260 million consumer profiles and the AI screens for fraud when placing bids. Magnetic says campaigns using the automated system have performed 2 to 10 times better than manual campaigns. Also, media buyers’ time is cut at least by half.

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Influencer Programs Outperform TV Ads: Nielsen Study

January 12, 2018

So if brands shouldn’t take policy positions, how about hiring influencers who probably have strong opinions of their own? Well, there’s certainly the risk of an influencer going off the rails but most followers presumably agree with them. This Nielsen study doesn’t address risk but did find that influencer marketing is better than TV commercials at generating engagement and improving brand metrics. TV is still best at building awareness.

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