CDP SessionM Enhances Its Loyalty Features; CDP Manthan Expands Use of AI

What, you don’t care about B2B data? Then here’s some CDP news: CDP and loyalty vendor SessionM has enhanced the loyalty portion of its system with more flexible award structures. Also, retail-oriented CDP Manthan is now using AI to update its customer profiles and individual-level product and offer recommendations.

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DataGrail Takes $4 Million Series A for Data Privacy Solution

September 28, 2018

You were supremely uninterested in yesterday’s news about B2B technographic data, Dear Reader. Let’s see if B2C new is more to your liking. We’ll start with a $4 million Series A funding for DataGrail, which helps companies map where personal data is stored in their systems and show it to customers who ask. This is required by GDPR today and probably other rules tomorrow. It’s a common use case for Customer Data Platforms.

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LiveRamp Lets Partners Integrate AbiliTec Offline Identity Resolution

September 26, 2018

Personal identity vendor LiveRamp has added an API to integrate its AbiliTec offline identity resolution platform with external systems. Its press release features quotes from CDPs BlueConic and RedPoint Global as sample users. This highlights an often-misunderstood fact: many CDPs rely on external technology for identity resolution, in part because identity resolution often uses external data with connections not available within a company’s own data.

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ArcSpan DMP Lets Publishers Monetize Visitors Without Cookies

June 1, 2023

A cookieless DMP?  Sounds crazy, no?  Yet here is our little village of…oh wait, sorry.  Too much musical theater.  What I meant to say is that ArcSpan calls itself a DMP but, unlike the traditional kind, builds and sells segments based on page contents and custom audience attention metrics.  This lets publishers charge more for impressions that are not tied to addressable individuals.  Radical!

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