Clarifai and RichRelevance Partner Visual Inputs to Personalization

Vendor alliances are rarely worth mentioning but we’ll make an exception for news that visual recognition expert Clarifai is working with personalization vendor RichRelevance to create a suite of visually-based personalization tools. Use of visual inputs in marketing qualifies as an Important Trend.

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Consumers Won’t Swap Data for Personalization: GlobalWebIndex

November 7, 2018

Marketers who argue that consumers should consent to share their personal data because they’ll get better-targeted advertising should think again, according to this survey from GlobalWebIndex. Only 16% of respondents said personalized ads or recommendations would motivate them to share data, compared with 37% citing discounts and a whopping 53% saying because they trusted the company in the first place. Interesting data here on other topics, too.

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Real-Time Data Leads to Quicker Growth: Confluent Survey

May 24, 2022

No one really doubts that real-time data is useful, but here’s more concrete data in case you’ve been arguing the point: this Confluent survey of IT leaders finds 63% of companies with widespread access to real-time data showed 10% or higher revenue growth, compared with just 44% of companies with only some access grew as fast.  Integrating multiple data sources was the most common obstacle to real-time access, cited by 60% of respondents.

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