Companies Making Poor Technology Decisions: PointSource Study

Putting things in a broader perspective, a survey from digital transformation consultants PointSource concluded that many companies are jumping into new technologies they don’t understand and without fixing their existing systems first.  CDP vendors take note: more than half said building a complete customer view involves accessing more systems than they’d like.

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Impact Radius Reveals “Integrated Platform” and Rebrands as “Impact”

March 22, 2018

Finally, we have news from Impact Radius, a mashup of three businesses including the Altitude (formerly ClearSaleing) attribution system, which assembles enough customer data to be thought of as a CDP. The other two businesses are Forensiq (ad fraud detection) and Radius (affiliate, influencer, and other paid partner marketing). That’s a pretty diverse collection but we’re told they have now been “natively integrated” into a “marketing technology platform” and the company has rebranded as just plain Impact.

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