Datorama Adds Data Visualization Designer

Analytics-focused CDP Datorama has also enhanced usability, in its case with a new suite of data visualization features. Users gain control over color palettes, design themes, visualization widgets, and “AI-powered image analysis for marketers to drag-and-drop a logo/image to generate a beautiful, automatically branded dashboard theme”. Yes, the dream has come true: AI-powered logo placement.

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One-Third of Companies Have No Formal Data Quality Process: Royal Mail Survey

June 18, 2018

Who manages customer data? It’s marketing at about one-third of the companies polled by DataIQ for the UK Royal Mail. Two-thirds cited a central data organization or IT. (Multiple answers were allowed so at some companies it’s both, and/or other groups including CRM and customer service.) Rather shockingly, one-third (32.7%) had no formal data quality process and 16.3% don’t validate internal data at all. Lots of other interesting data, including estimates of how much bad data harms the bottom line.

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