Disney Grows Its Tech-Based Ad Products

Disney is also expanding its data-driven ad business, launching a programmatic exchange for video ads, leveraging its data for cross-channel targeting, and selling combined inventory across Hulu and Disney properties.  They’re even promoting their own Disney Audience Graph as a partial replacement for third-party cookies.  Isn’t everyone?

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Instacart Raises $265 Million and Grows Marketplace and Advertising Services

March 3, 2021

In a far different corner of the galaxy, Instacart announced a $265 million financing round for its pandemic-fueled online grocery business.  The raise brings total funding to $2.7 billion and values the company at $39 billion.    This has more to do with martech than you may think: some of the money will grow Instacart marketplace and advertising services that leverage its massive customer base.

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Companies Still Share Customer Data with Third-Parties: Winterberry Group Study

March 2, 2021

Tighter privacy regulations were supposed to deter companies from sharing their customer data, right?  But this Winterberry Group paper gives a mixed message: it reports that 64% of U.S. respondents are collaborating directly others to share their data in a second-party relationship.  Yet at least as many are also licensing their data to third parties for targeting and measurement.

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OpenText Launches a CDP of Its Own

July 27, 2021

OpenText has made at least 44 acquisitions over the years, spreading beyond content management into everything from security to analytics to, digital experience.  You won’t be surprised that they needed a CDP to tie it things together.  Rather than yet another acquisition, they built their own, just launched as Experience CDP.  It’s not clear whether it meets the CDP Institute definition of a CDP, but it might.

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