Dynamic Yield Adds Multi-Touch Campaigns

Personalization platform Dynamic Yield has added “multi-touch campaigns”, which deliver different sets of messages to different customers across multiple touchpoints. This allows tests such as consistently offering 10% off to one customer group and free shipping to another. It requires identifying customers across channels during each interaction, which many testing systems can’t do. Dynamic Yield works across Web, email, mobile apps, and advertising.

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Persado Adds Story-Telling Capability

October 12, 2018

AI-driven marketing language generator Persado has added story-telling to its skills. But don’t get too excited: it’s not describing a sequence of events like what happened on its summer vacation. Rather, it’s writing copy snippets that reflect brand voice, seasonal themes, audience interests, and campaign goals. Still, it’s a step towards better AI-written copy. And, for now, what happened in Vegas still stays in Vegas.

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60% of Consumers Think Big Data Will Harm Them: NTT Data Survey

October 10, 2018

Here’s an excellent NTT Data survey on attitudes towards big data. You won’t be surprised that consumers are skeptical: while 65% of business executives said big data will be used to help consumers, just 40% of consumers agreed. The skepticism is justified: 80% of executives said their company gives strong protection to corporate data but just 42% said consumer data is strongly protected. Lots more about what’s creepy and how consumers are protecting themselves.

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