Email Personalization Delivers Up to 21% Revenue Lift: Liveclicker Study

You probably don’t need convincing that personalization is helpful but it’s still nice to proof. The Relevancy Group offers some in a report sponsored by email personalization vendor Liveclicker. Analyzing Liveclicker client results, they found that dynamic email content based on behavioral targeting delivered nearly 8% more revenue, real-time personalization based on open time and context delivered a 13% lift, and machine learning personalization increased revenue by 21%. They also report that 55% of consumers said they like emails with relevant products and offers. The rest are masochists.

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Privacy Concerns Delayed Sales at 65% of Companies: Cisco Research

January 29, 2018

Yesterday was Data Privacy Day. I hope you have a great party but will understand if you don’t post pictures. Meanwhile, Cisco last week reported that 65% of companies have seen a delayed sale due to privacy concerns, with an average delay of nearly two months. Companies with more mature privacy processes reported shorter delays. They were also less likely to have suffered a privacy breach. In other words, strong privacy is good business.

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Martech and Adtech Really Are Merging: Salesforce Study

January 25, 2018

Here’s an item that’s more related to the previous one than you might think: a study from Salesforce finds that email marketing and display advertising teams collaborate on technology purchases at 74% of U.S. companies today and plan to collaborate at another 20%. The driver behind this lions-with-lambs comity is use of email addresses to feed advertising audiences to, you guessed it, Facebook. Lots of other interesting information here, including usage of data types, technology, metrics, and new ad channels such as voice devices and wearables.

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Salesforce Buys for Automated Customer Service

September 22, 2023

Salesforce is buying, which builds low-code, AI-powered e-commerce customer service agents.  You might have thought Salesforce could already do that, but presumably Airkit does it better.  It doesn’t hurt that the company founders sold a previous business to Salesforce, the company was partly funded by Salesforce Ventures, and the product is already listed on AppExchange.  Price was not announced.

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