Facebook Lets Kenshoo Target Ads Using Third Party Data

The milk of human kindness might contain a drop of sympathy for Facebook, now everyone’s favorite villain. But Facebook continues to earn its bad reputation. The latest news is that, after earning some privacy props last March by blocking use of third party data for ad targeting, they’re allowing Kenshoo to target Facebook ads using such data from Experian.  Presumably other partners will be allowed to do the same. Because, you know, Facebook needs every penny it can get.

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WPP Merges Wunderman and J. Walter Thompson to Create Integrated Agency

November 27, 2018

“Slow news day” doesn’t do justice to how slim the news pickings are right now, Dear Reader. We’re reduced to leading off with “sign of the times” news that WPP is merging its fabled Wunderman and J. Walter Thompson agencies into uncreatively-named Wunderman Thompson, which will be “distinctively positioned” as a provider of “end-to-end solutions – through creative, data, commerce, consulting and technology services – at a global scale.” Such combinations have been an industry trend for years. Healthy, yes. Distinctive, not so much.

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One-Quarter of Shoppers Buy Based on Corporate Values: MWWPR Study

November 21, 2018

A significant minority of shoppers care less about deals than the corporate values of their merchants. Publicity agency MWWPR christened this group “CorpSumers” last year and estimates they are 35% of the U.S. population.  A recent survey found that 75% of the group say they’ll select holiday gifts based on whether they feel the brand or retailer has values similar to their own.  You could also argue this means that three-quarters of shoppers don’t care about corporate values. For an extended discussion, see this blog post at Customer Experience Matrix.

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