Gartner Hype Cycle for Privacy released

Projections are for 5 billion citizens to be covered by privacy regulation by 2024 and 60% of large corporations using privacy-enhancing techniques by 2025. Need now, according to Gartner and many others, is for increased transparency, mitigating risk of data misuse, and business commitment to risk reduction including via privacy by design.

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IT’S THE LAW (08/23/2022)

August 23, 2022

CBDCs (aka Central Bank Digital Currencies) in your wallet may become the biggest threat to your privacy. Reason is, once financial transactions go digital, our activities can be fully tracked, A new Israeli law that’s about to cap cash transaction size in that country is the newest example of the push to use digital currencies worldwide. To date, more than 90 countries are exploring and expanding use of CBDCs. A newly issued report from Europe’s Central Bank explains the implications and looks at how CBDCs will impact business and privacy. Key Question: Can market forces and resounding demand from consumers for financial privacy ensure a desirable level of CBDC privacy? Absolutely not, this report notes, which is why we need to understand what this is about. This interactive tracker world map shows country status of CBDC adoption.

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Consumers and media experts agree, privacy is key to online marketing

August 23, 2022
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Amazon Backs Down on Charging Sellers Who Don’t Use Its Fulfillment Services

September 25, 2023

There’s probably no limit to Amazon’s greed – because capitalism – but there are constraints as governments regulate BigTech more aggressively and, just maybe, the free market works its wonders. Amazon cited “seller sentiment related to the fee” in its statement pulling back from its planned 2% fee on sellers who don’t use its Prime fulfillment services.  But looming antitrust cases likely had something to do with it.

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