Gravity4 Introduces AI-Based Digital Marketing Optimizer

Let’s catch up with news about AI in programmatic advertising.  Starting with a company the cutest name, Gravity4 has launched Mona Lisa, a digital assistant that forecasts which programmatic media channels will yield the best results.  She’s one smart lady, doing automated lookalike modeling, lead scoring, collaborative filtering, classification, regression, decision trees, recommendation engines, clustering, topic modeling and sequential pattern mining on data from 19 countries.  Gravity4 assembles customer data from social, CRM, email, mobile, and advertising apps based on at least fifteen acquisitions since 2014.

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Paranotek Offers Encryption as Privacy Solution

July 10, 2017

Some news is more interesting for how it’s presented than the actual content.  For example, when encryption developer Paranotek patented its latest protocol, the press release said it “may solve many of today’s online data and privacy issues.”  This suggests they felt that a positioning based on personal privacy would be more appealing than one based on corporate data security.  I hope they’re right although I doubt it.  I also hope Paranotek employees refer to themselves Paranoids.

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