Lytics Adds Private Deployment Options on Google Cloud

Lytics has added new deployment options on Google Cloud.  Private Instance lets clients have a Lytics-managed CDP implementation on dedicated resources.  Private Cloud lets companies run the Lytics CDP for themselves in their own Google Cloud instance.  Both options are targeted at highly regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare.

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Meta Releases Lying, Offensive AI and Pretends to Be Surprised

November 23, 2022

Like trouble, bad behavior by Meta shows up whether you look for it or not.  The latest is an open-source language model that was supposed to provide reliable search results because it was trained on academic papers.  Alas, it was quickly withdrawn after reviewers found that it returned results that were grammatical and plausible but also incorrect, not to mention filled with “antisemitism, homophobia, and misogyny.”  How can this be a surprise?

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