News Launches Human-Like Virtual Sales Assistant

The Invoca study found that complicated voice interactions still require humans. Many artificial intelligence vendors are working to change that. Here we have, which just launched what it calls “the first truly autonomous-retail platform” to create “human-like selling interactions” by voice or text. The key is to understand free-form natural language and adjust system accordingly. They tested it on wine recommendations, which must have been fun. Maybe they’ve crossed the uncanny Napa valley.

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People and Process Outrank Technology as Barriers to Data-Driven Success: NewVantage Partners

January 9, 2018

Finally, we have views on “big data” from senior data and analytics executives polled by NewVantage Partners. Their top objective for big data and AI investments was analytics – no surprise given the audience – although customer experience did rank second, ahead of lower costs, innovation, and speed to market. More important: by far the biggest challenges to being data-driven were people (49%) and process (32%). Just 19% cited technology. Most surveys give a similar answer but it’s still easy to forget.

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