Children’s Privacy: Ireland hands TikTok $367M fine for putting kids at risk by default

September 19, 2023
Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) issued its ruling against TikTok, charging €345 million (~ $367 million) for its non-privacy-by-default settings that set children’s accounts to public by default on sign-up, which allowed their videos to be publicly viewable, their comments to be publicly read, and their “Family Pairing” links to adults to be linked to adults not verified to be a parent or guardian.
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Southeast Asia ride hailing super app Grab launches web3 services to 35M monthly users

September 14, 2023
Popular ride-hailing super-app Grab has taken a leap into the world of web3, offering its users a range of blockchain-enabled features. Grab users can now set up web3 wallets, participate in blockchain rewards programs, and even make payments using NFTs. The company has also collaborated with the Monetary Authority of Singapore to introduce NFT vouchers for various popular dining and experiential offerings within the city.
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