Retailers Missing Basic Personalization Opportunities: Kibo

Many online retailers are missing basic personalization opportunities, including recently viewed item lists (not found on 40% of sites) and personalized recommendations (unavailable at 47% of sites if users were not signed in), according to a study by ecommerce platform vendor Kibo. More than 40% don’t send cart abandonment emails. The study also looked at integration of in-store and online experiences including pricing and signage.

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Half of B2C Marketers Don’t Collect Transaction Data: BlueVenn Study

August 7, 2017

Nearly half of B2C marketers (46%) fail to collect transactional data and just over half (55%) don’t collect behavioral data, according to a study released by CDP vendor BlueVenn exclusively to the CDP Institute. Age (76%), location (75%) and gender (70%) are more common but 57% of marketers do not combine their data into a unified customer view and nearly 40% don’t personalize Web or email content. Download for more interesting results.

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prooV Takes $14 Million Funding for Proof of Concept Platform

August 3, 2017

Maybe it would be easier to specify when items are NOT AI-related. Here’s one of those: Proov offers a platform that lets companies run “proof of concept” projects on without the usual hassle of custom deployment. It’s a super-clever idea, removing one of the main friction points in the purchase process for large tech investments. How closely Proov can mimic a custom POC is another question, but it’s certainly worth a look. The company just raised $14 million, bringing total funding to $21 million.

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