Salesforce Customer 360 Gives Unified View of B2C Data

Salesforce announced Customer 360, which provides a unified view of customer data in its B2C Marketing, Commerce, and Service Clouds. Data will be accessed via API connections without exporting it into a separate CDP-style database. Over at Customer Experience Matrix, David Raab was not impressed.

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ZoomInfo Buys Tech Data Aggregator Datanyze and Mysterious Y Labs

September 27, 2018

It’s an odd news day, Dear Reader: several sets of related stories but no clear lead. We’ll start with news that B2B contact aggregator ZoomInfo has purchased Datanyze, which identifies the technologies that companies use. The day before, ZoomInfo announced purchase of Israel-based Y Labs, a small start-up of indeterminate nature. ZoomInfo itself was purchased by private equity firm Grant Hill Partners for $240 million in 2017.

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V12 Launches “CDP Solution” Including Third Party Data and Services

September 25, 2018

Marketing data and services vendor V12 has launched an “integrated CDP solution” that combines first and third party data, multi-channel integration, automated emails, and analytics. V12 can populate the system with its own third party data, a feature that’s recently started to showing up in more CDPs. Offerings include marketing execution and services, which may place the system beyond the CDP Institute’s definition of CDP as “packaged software”.

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Most Marketers Say They’re Using the Metaverse and It’s Great: Qualtrics Report

July 5, 2022

Will the metaverse rescue marketers from the loss of third-party cookies and device tracking?  Perhaps you scoff the metaverse doesn’t actually exist.  That didn’t prevent 74% of marketers telling Qualtrics they were already advertising in it and 59% of that group saying it’s their most successful channel.  Pioneering?  Optimistic? Delusional?  Take your pick.

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