Salesforce Releases Voice-Enabled CRM

Salesforce has joined the speech party with Einstein Voice, which lets users update CRM records by vocally describing an interaction. The system’s natural language AI identifies the appropriate records and data fields and updates them. Intriguing but you’d want to test very carefully for accuracy. They also announced a product that lets users create their own voice bots for public use.

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Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP Announce Project to Unify Customer Data

September 25, 2018

Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP announced an “Open Data Initiative” including a public, extensible data model and shared data lake on Microsoft Azure. The project is in early stages, with engineers from the three companies still working to reconcile their individual models. This Adobe blog post suggests that Adobe has already published schemas to help share data among its own systems. For an assessment of what this means for CDPs, see this post on Customer Experience Matrix.

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Singular Raises $30 Million for Marketing Data Unification and Audiences

September 21, 2018

Marketing intelligence platform Singular has raised a $30 million Series B to grow its own business of unifying marketing data. Singular works with user-level data and creates audience segments, with its main focus on mobile and Web advertising sources, attribution, and analytics. It provides its own reporting and segmentation tools rather than integrating with third party products like a true CDP.

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