Salesforce Simplifies Data and Event Sharing with AWS

Lost in last week’s excitement about Salesforce’s Customer 360 was news of tighter linkage between Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Most interesting from a customer data viewpoint is an ability to privately move data between Salesforce systems and AWS virtual private clouds, skipping the public Internet. Another new option allows events in Salesforce to trigger processes in AWS and vice versa. This offers some intriguing possibilities for persistent data storage that Customer 360 does not.

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Slack Buys Astro to Shift Conversations from Email

October 1, 2018

It would be easy to find more BadTech news about Facebook but you get the picture so let’s change the subject. Cyollaboration platform Slack has acquired email app Astro, which already had a Slack integration. Don’t read this as Slack is admitting email is here to stay: the company says its “goal is to make it as easy as possible to help teams shift conversations to where they would be most productive — in a channel.”

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Optimizely Buys Welcome to Add Marketing Resource Management

December 2, 2021

Digital experience platform Optimizely is further expanding its scope with a deal to buy Welcome, which provides content management, digital asset management, and marketing resource management.  You may recall that Optimizely itself was purchased in September 2020 by Episerver, which then adopted the Optimizely name.  And who could forget that they bought the Zaius CDP in March 2021?

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