Segment Completes Its Customer Data Infrastructure with Data Governance

CDP vendor Segment has launched Protocols, a data governance platform. It positions the tool as completing a “Customer Data Infrastructure” that also includes Segment’s original data collection product, now called Connections, and audience management tool Personas, launched last October. Segment says that CDPs “do not collect complete or accurate data” but its new infrastructure does.

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Retail Tech Leaders Outperform Laggards: NSU Technologies and Software AG

September 20, 2018

An even broader study that NSU Technologies ran for Software AG found that retailers who lead in adopting digital technologies had a six percent annual growth rate over three years, while laggards’ revenue was flat. Early adopters also had nearly twice the price-earnings ratio as the others: 22.32 vs 12.22. The survey provides lots of details about strategy, governance, deployments, business impact and technology. Good stuff but beware that the answers reflect an IT department viewpoint. Dead giveaway: 0% reported that business perceives IT as slow and inflexible.

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