Sprout Social Argues Brands Should Take Social Positions

“New Study Reveals Socially Conscious Brands Have An Edge With Consumers” reads the headline from social media management vendor Sprout Social. That’s odd, because we’ve previously reported other studies like this one from Bambu have found the opposite. Indeed, Sprout’s own results are more mixed than their headline suggests. Sprout highlights finding that more people will praise a company they agree with (28%) than criticize one they disagree with (20%). But they don’t mention that more people reduce purchases when they disagree with a company (53%) than increase purchases when they agree (44%). Liberals are more likely than conservatives to want brands to take a stand and to take positive or negative action based on whether they agree. So taking a liberal position is safer.

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Evergage CDP Adds Personalization to One Step Retail Solutions In-Store Systems

January 15, 2018

The National Retail Federation’s big trade show kicked off in New York yesterday. This would usually generate a flood of news but so far it’s more of a trickle. Here’s one item from a CDP vendor: Evergage announced an alliance with in-store tech vendor One Step Retail Solutions and retail marketing agency Sophelle. They’ll use Evergage’s data unification and real-time personalization to gather data from One Step systems and to provide those systems with personalized messages.

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Sprinklr Adds Social DMP to Build Audiences

January 11, 2018

You know who else isn’t a CDP? Sprinklr. They’ve added a “Social DMP” to the social advertising module of their social media management system. Their language is distinctly CDP-ish: “Quickly unify unstructured CRM lists, offline data, and streaming data across multiple databases and any social channel”. But look closer and you see they’re creating audience segments, not tracking individuals. That’s what distinguishes DMPs from CDPs. Kudos to Sprinklr for getting the name right.

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CIAM Vendor Ping Identity Bought for $2.8 Billion by Private Investors

August 5, 2022

CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) was once largely about managing employee access to company systems, but it’s increasingly applied to consumer log-ins and identities as well.  This creates an overlap with the identity management systems more traditionally used for customer data.  The expanded market helps to explain why private investor Thoma Bravo just paid $2.8 billion for CIAM vendor Ping Identity, a 60% premium of its most recent stock price and just under 10x revenue.

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