Tech Staff Controls Digital Strategy and CX Projects: SoDA Report

Here’s a more surprising finding: a survey from the SoDA digital agency trade group found that technologists outnumber marketers when it comes to owning digital strategy (45% tech vs 28% marketing), owning customer experience (39% tech vs. 23% marketing) and even picking digital agencies (47% tech vs 46% marketing). This is a big swing from last year, when agency selection was run by 66% marketers and just 28% technologists. Ordinarily a result like this would suggest that most survey respondents were tech people, but that wasn’t the case here: 52% were C-level, 19% were in marketing and just 17% were tech execs. Much more here on digital agency trends if you’re interested.

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Forrester to Buy SiriusDecisions for $245 Million

November 28, 2018

Tech analysis firm Forrester has agreed to buy B2B advisory SiriusDecisions for $245 million. Forrester says the deal doubles its potential market by adding operational expertise to Forrester’s strategic consulting. Sirius is expected to add approximately $100 million revenue in 2019, giving the deal a 2.5x revenue multiple. It’s a ratio similar to Forrester’s own $820 million market capitalization on about $340 million revenue.

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Bombora Offers B2B Ad Targeting and Personalization Based on Content Consumption

June 2, 2023

Bombora has launched Visitor Insights, a consent-based website tag that tracks the topics a device has consumed.   It infers intent, job function, management level, and other information that B2B publishers can use for ad targeting and personalization.  This Bombora report shows intent trends by industry: for example, media and advertising users show 70% more interest in Customer Data Platforms than they did last year.

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