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November 7, 2019

CDP Netcore Buys AI-Driven Personalization Vendor Boxx.ai

CDP Netcore Buys AI-Driven Personalization Vendor Boxx.ai


Sorry the newsletter is late today, Dear Reader. It’s a long story involving electrical connectors, eggnog, and a moose. But you wouldn’t be interested. You'd rather learn that Netcore, a messaging platform with a CDP inside, is purchasing Boxx.ai, a personalization and recommendation engine. It's the third acquisition of an AI-based predictive tool by a CDP vendor in the past week. Definitely a trend going on here.

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Infutor Purchases Dunn Data for Richer Personalization

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And another acquistion: identity management vendor Infutor is buying data compiler Dunn Data Company to enrich consumer data in Infutor’s database. I'll say it again: third party data is not going away, privacy rules notwithstanding.

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Third Party Data Is Often Wrong: Study


How accurate is that third party data you’re so worried about losing? This study by several academics applied three tests to data accuracy and found profiles more accurate than random guesses, but not by much – and probably not enough to compensate for the higher ad costs charged for such data.

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