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November 8, 2019

Salesforce Launches Headless CMS

Salesforce Launches Headless CMS


It’s a mixed bag today, Dear Reader. Let’s start with Salesforce, which has launched a new Web content management system, straightforwardly named Salesforce CMS. Claims to fame include drag-and-drop content creation and ability to deliver the content to any vendor’s system via API calls. The cool kids call that "headless".

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Simpli.fi Adds Demographic Targeting to Geo-Fenced Ad Campaigns


Next we have news that programmatic ad platform Simpli.fi is adding more precise audience targeting to its localized ad campaigns. Users can define audiences using over 500 demographic variables on 126 million households and then target audience members when they appear near specified locations.

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InfoSum Offers Privacy-Safe Audience Analysis Platform


Targeting on demographics and location both raise privacy concerns, at least for some people. InfoSum has just launched a privacy-safe planning tool that lets marketers match their own data against media audiences without exposing personal identities. Everybody wins: marketers can find which audiences best fit their needs; publishers can sell more advertising; and consumers run less risk of having personal data exposed.

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