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November 11, 2019

Consumers Want Control Over Marketing Messages: Twilio Study

Consumers Want Control Over Marketing Messages: Twilio Study


Hi folks, it’s Jamie, Senior Intern at the CDP Institute’s Department of the Obvious. I didn’t understand the boss’s message asking me to write today’s newsletter – something about a moose – but I’m always happy to help. Let’s start with a salute to my counterparts at Twilio, who found that 94% of consumers are sometimes annoyed by marketing communications. That’s world-class obviousness. There was less obvious stuff about preferred channels and such, but I ignored it.

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Marketers Struggle with Attribution: CallRail Report


Team Obvious at CallRail are no slackers, either. They share that 96% of marketers say attribution is important. They stumbled a bit with the non-obvious fact that just over half (51%) use four or more marketing platforms, but recovered by finding that reporting is more frustrating for marketers with more platforms.

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Location Drives More Personalization Than Customer Profiles: Merkle Survey


This Merkle survey starts with the gloriously obvious news that most marketers do personalization. But then they veer into the unexpected by reporting that location data is used more widely than customer profiles, and continue with even less obvious details about which data sources are used in which channels and how usage varies by industry. But you can skip that stuff if you like

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