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November 14, 2019

LinkedIn Tells Microsoft Dynamics CRM When a Contact Changes Jobs

LinkedIn Tells Microsoft Dynamics CRM When a Contact Changes Jobs


When Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26 billion, observers suspected the justification for the price was closer connection of LinkedIn data with Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM system. Sure enough, the company has just announced a “Data Validation” feature that will automatically update Dynamics CRM when LinkedIn learns that a contact has changed companies. As Microsoft puts it quite nicely, “It’s one simple field - but with a lot of powerful uses for Sales Operations teams and users alike.”

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SnapLogic AI Can Now Build Complete Integration Pipelines by Itself


SnapLogic has extended its quest to empower expertise-free “citizen integrators”. Its latest feature, called Pipeline Synthesis, lets users identify the two systems they want to connect and then creates an end-to-end process to make it happen. It’s not clear whether the interface is entirely drag-and-drop or users still must know how to read.

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Mobivity Ties Individual-Level Promotion Offers to Redemptions


Self-updating CRM files and hands-free integration pipelines may seem magical, but the real miracle would be connecting marketing programs to business results. Mobivity is addressing that challenge with a new feature that assigns a unique, customer-specific ID to marketing promotions and then captures the ID when a promotional offer is redeemed. The offers can be delivered by Mobivity’s own text messages or receipt-printed promotions or shared through external channels.

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