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November 22, 2019

Sonos Buys Snips, a Privacy-Safe Voice Assistant

Sonos Buys Snips, a Privacy-Safe Voice Assistant


Here’s a buzzword bonanza: open source, privacy-safe, AI-driven, voice-based personal assistant Snips has been purchased for $37.5 million by smart-speaker company Sonos. Snips’ conversational software runs on a local device without transferring voice data to the cloud. It can work without an internet connection.

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Integral Ad Science Buys ADmantX to Analyze Ad Content

Integral Ad Science

ADmantX scores just one buzzword point, for natural language processing used to analyze ad content in support of brand safety, contextual targeting, and visitor profiling. They get a half-point bonus for a weird name. But that will go away soon, since they were just bought by digital ad verification vendor integral Ad Science for a reported €16 million ($18 million).

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Decibel Raises $17 Million for Digital Experience Analytics


More about money and AI: Decibel has raised a $17 million Series B, bringing total funding to $26 million. Decibel uses AI to analyze the quality of users’ digital experiences, which they summarize in a Digital Experience Score.

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