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November 26, 2019

Pathfinder AI Promises to Handle Most Marketing Tasks

Pathfinder AI Promises to Handle Most Marketing Tasks

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We have a trio of AI stories today, Dear Reader. First up is Pathfinder, an e-commerce add-on that modestly claims to write copy, design banners, build opt-in forms, create multi-step campaigns, run tests, track results, and converse via text messages. Pricing starts at free and is just $184 per month for an unlimited number of skills and 10,000 contacts. They just launched a Shopify integration.

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Appier Raises $80 Million Series D for AI-Based Marketing


Next we have Appier, which offers AI-based products to optimize Web site offers and advertising audiences. They just raised an $80 million Series D, bringing total funding to $162 million.

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GroundTruth Adds Visit Optimization to Local Ad Buying


Finally, GroundTruth is using machine learning to optimize ad bids for driving visits to retail locations. GroundTruth’s core business is location-based advertising on mobile apps.

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