November 27, 2019

VTEX Raises $140 Million for Integrated Commerce

VTEX Raises $140 Million for Integrated Commerce

Business Wire

Today’s newsletter is brought to you by the letter V. We’ll start with VTEX, an integrated commerce platform that just raised $140 million in what’s apparently its first investment round. The 20-year-old vendor supports more than 2,500 online stores in 28 countries. It’s a helpful reminder that not every major system is owned by one of the giant software vendors.

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Vibenomics Raises $5 Million for Out-of-Home Audio Advertising


Next we have Vibenomics, which just raised $5 million in additional seed funding for “place-based audio experience solutions”, which is a super-fancy way of saying background music. They also run “the industry’s first audio out-of-home (OOH) programmatic advertising marketplace”, thereby combining at least three hot trends in a single product.

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Shoppers Are Excited About Visual Search: ViSenze Study


Finally, ViSenze reports that more than half of U.S. consumers (54%) are excited by visual search, vastly more than shoppable content (43%), product recommendations (40%), augmented reality (21%) or chatbots (7%). A whopping 87% would be more likely to buy a product if its image were easily searchable on their smartphone. You get the picture.

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