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December 4, 2019

Uberflip Buys SnapApp to Streamline Experience Creation

Uberflip Buys SnapApp to Streamline Experience Creation

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Today’s news reminds us that technology is supposed to make things easier. We’ll start with acquisition of no-code experience builder SnapApp by personalized content delivery platform Uberflip. The result should make it eaiser to set up Uberflip experiences.

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Amazon Enhances Redshift Analytical Capabilities


Amazon Web Services is making life easier with enhancements to its Redshift database, which many firms use to hold customer data. Changes will improve performance, simplify moving data from Redshift to the Amazon S3 data lake, and run federated queries to combine data in Redshift, S3, and other formats. The announcements were made at AWS’s re:Invent conference.

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Snowflake Launches Private Data Exchange to Simplify Data Sharing


Cloud database Snowflake has launched a Private Data Exchange that makes it easier for companies to share their data with authorized partners. Direct data sharing – a.k.a. second party data – is increasingly important as privacy regulations reduce access to third party data.

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