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December 11, 2019

Adobe Campaign Adds AMP Email Support

Adobe Campaign Adds AMP Email Support


It’s a light news day, Dear Reader, so I’ll stoop to some mild click-baiting with a minor item that puts Adobe in the headline. That being: Adobe has added AMP support to its Campaign email engine. AMP is an open standard that lets emails contain interactive elements such as forms and dynamically updated content. That’s legitimately interesting, although Adobe isn’t the only vendor to support it.

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Iterable Raises $60 Million Series D for Cross-Channel Messaging

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We also have a $60 million Series D funding for cross-channel messaging platform Iterable, bringing their total to $140 million. Iterable assembles customer profiles from multiple sources but it doesn’t share them externally, so it’s not a CDP.

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Tech Buyers Want Just the Product Facts: IDG Study


Let’s finish with a survey. IDG found that, true to stereotype, IT buyers’ favorite content is product information: tests, reviews, demonstrations, and literature. They’re much less interested in case studies, how-to content, ROI calculators, and opinion columns. They’re also not very interested in market research, so I’ll stop right here.

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