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December 12, 2019

Acquia Buys AgilOne CDP

Acquia Buys AgilOne CDP


Aquia announced yesterday that it will purchase CDP vendor AgilOne. The deal is part of Acquia’s strategy to expand beyond its base in Web content management to become a full-scale marketing cloud. Acquia bought marketing automation platform Mautic earlier this year and was itself purchased by Vista Equity Partners. See this post for CDP Institute founder David Raab’s comments on the deal.

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7Park Data Offers Data Preparation Platform

Business Wire

7Park Data also happens to be owned by Vista Equity Partners, which purchased it last December. 7Park’s primary business is assembling and selling data on topics including IT expenditures, app engagement, and smart TV viewership. They just released a data preparation platform based (presumably) on their data assembly tools. Features include identity matching, data cleansing, and creation of unified customer profiles. Not a CDP but it could help to build a home-grown alternative.

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Luminoso Launches Enhanced Text Analysis


Sticking with data management: natural language processing vendor Luminoso has launched the next generation of its product, QuickLearn 2.0 QuickLearn’s special skill is automatically learning domain-specific terminology without training, setup, or ontology-building. This allows much faster deployment than conventional methods. The trick is the system is already trained on general language processing using text from the Web.

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