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December 13, 2019

DataRobot Buys Paxata for Self-Service Data Prep

DataRobot Buys Paxata for Self-Service Data Prep


You haven’t been very interested in generic data management technology, Dear Reader. But it can supplement or compete with a CDP. Therefore: self-service data preparation vendor Paxata has been purchased by self-service machine learning vendor DataRobot. The deal will make it easier to prepare training data – a common role for a CDP.

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IT Managers Accept Shift to End-User Control But Worry About Responsibility: IDG Connect Study

Snow Software

This IDG Connect study for Snow Software found that most IT managers have accepted self-service technology: 67% said at least half their spend is controlled by business units and 78% said the shift is a positive development for their organizations. But it’s not all cherry pie: 32% feel they’re held responsible for things they can’t control.

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Majority of IT Leaders Expect to Drop SaaS Products Over Security Concerns: Pulse Q&A Survey


Security worries could put IT back in control. Software-as-a-service enables much self-service IT but just 19% of IT executives said 75% of their SaaS vendors meet all security requirements, according a Pulse Q&A survey for Archive360. Three quarters don’t control encryption keys with a majority of their SaaS vendors and 63% expect to retire SaaS applications that don’t provide that control.

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