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December 19, 2019

Smartly.io Sells Majority Share to Private Equity for $222 Million

Smartly.io Sells Majority Share to Private Equity for $222 Million

Business Wire

Nothing too important for you today, Dear Reader, but we do have a few items that reinforce earlier themes. Here, for example, is yet another private equity investment in martech: a €200 million ($222 million) deal by Providence Equity Partners for a majority share in social advertising platform Smartly.io. Okay, it’s adtech not martech but we’ve pretty much stopped making that distinction, right?

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B2B Buyers Don’t Trust Vendors: TrustRadius Report


We also recently shared a spate of surveys on the B2B buying process. Good times, eh? You can relive the fun with this TrustRadius study, which again finds that buyers want product reviews and demonstrations, not vendor propaganda. Bonus stereotype: those skeptical Millennials rely more on reviews than Boomers, who still place some trust in air-quote experts.

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Financial Data Privacy Risk Is Worse Than You Thought: Integris Survey


There’s always something to say about privacy. This Integris study should make you even more nervous than usual with news that a single financial services transaction can be replicated across 100 systems, 64% of companies store sensitive personal data in 50 or more systems, and 45% share private data with at least 50 partners. Have a great day!

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