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January 3, 2020

BlueConic Raises $13 Million Series B

BlueConic Raises $13 Million Series B


The News Gods clearly have a better union than you or I, Dear Reader, since we’re back at work today and they’re still on holiday break. They did telegram one real piece of news: CDP vendor BlueConic has raised a $13 million Series B, bringing total funding to $25 million.

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Vox Media Launches First-Party Data Platform

Vox Media

Otherwise, the best I can offer is a new first-party data platform from Vox Media, holding data on 125 million unique visitors to titles ranging from New York Magazine to The Verge to Eater. If you squint very hard you can see this as illustrating the growing importance of first party data. Or you can just give in and let The Eater explain the difference between lox, nova, and smoked salmon..

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Nearly All Paid Social Ads Viewed on Mobile Devices: Socialbakers via Dept of the Obvious


Even Jamie, our tireless Senior Intern in the Department of Obvious, doesn’t have much today. He did find a Socialbakers report that 96% of paid social ads are viewed on mobile devices. Also: Walmart is the most common brand associated with Instagram influencers, which must mean something but I don’t know what.

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