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January 8, 2020

CDP Vendor Healthgrades Buys Evariant

CDP Vendor Healthgrades Buys Evariant


Healthcare tech vendor Healthgrades, which offers a CDP among other things, has purchased healthcare marketing and CRM vendor Evariant. Head-banging data complexity and rapid change make healthcare a growth area for the CDP industry.

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PubMatic Launches Identity Hub to Help Match Ad Audiences


Tracking consumer identities is also getting more complicated as marketers struggle to replace third-party cookies. Ad tech vendor PubMatic has hedged its bets by launching Identity Hub, which lets publishers support multiple identifiers for each ad impression. This means they can manage programmatic ad bids from different sources for the same inventory. Clever.

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Walmart Offers Self-Service Ad Portal


New privacy rules threaten access to all types of third-party data. Big retailers are offering access to their own customers as an alternative. Walmart has just added a self-service portal for buying search and sponsored product ads on its Web site. Targeting doesn’t currently make full use of Walmart’s detailed customer data, but likely will in the future.

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